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profile of filkferret

Frank “FilkFerret” Parker

Frank is singer/songwriter originally a New England native transported to South Carolina in 2002. He met his future wife, Donna at ConCarolinas in 2006 moving to Gastonia, NC in 2007.
He plays a combination of folk and filk music performing at science fiction conventions and house filks as FilkFerret since 1998.
When not playing music, Frank is a Treasury Fulfillment & Service Sr. Specialist  for a financial institution.


Donna “Lady Ferret” Parker

Donna grew up moving around as a Navy brat. She had studied piano for a summer as a child, and enjoyed music but not practicing. A trip to the library ended up with a discovery of Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clark. This led to a love of science fiction and fantasy. That love led to other bad habits, like attending and working at Science Fiction conventions. She was working Reg at a SF Convention when her daughter had trouble finding a badge for one of the attendees. It was filed as “Filkferret” instead of “Frank Parker.” And the rest is history.

D.J. “Bass Ferret” McGuire

A Jersey bass player who fell for a Virginia author, DJ has been a cost estimator and project manager for various federal government contractors for over 18 years. When he’s not playing bass with the Ferrets, DJ also teaches economics at his local community college, plays bass for the Dimensional Riffs, and is part of The More Perfect Union – a political podcast.

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